The baby is back, little baby Moses who can’t peepee.  Of course, the catheter I put in yesterday came out.  The mother brings it with her.  


“She ha’ not go peepee two weeks.”  The father seems to implore me with his answer to my question as to why they have come to the Cooper Hospital.


Gillian comes to the door early Saturday morning, “...I’ve been up all night, though, and am exhausted.  There’s two c-sections to be done, can you do them?”


AHI Doctor Heads to Liberia to Aid EBOLA Crisis: James Appel's personal log of daily events.


I step out of the Kenya Airways jet and into the muggy air of Monrovia, the capital of Liberia.  The sky is overcast with cracks of white letting in a little sunlight.  The tarmac is wet from a rec

Ebola Outbreak

EBOLA outbreak endangers lives of hundreds in Africa