Gillian Seton shares her view on the impact of EBOLA in Liberia


I’m losing track of time. Cases and patients are coming in and out of my memory. I can’t even remember sequences of events or what day it all happened.

A Good Death?

Donn Gaede, Assistant Professor of Global Health and Health Administration and Secretary for Adventist Health International, he works closely with the hospitals in West Africa. 


From far away I can tell I will find pus. The young girl’s left jaw is swollen with tense, shiny red skin over the inferior lateral aspect. Her left eye is swollen shut and she is in obvious pain.


After a day of panic, turning away more people than I probably should of just out of fear of lies, Ebola and the unknown, I settle in Friday night for some reflection.


Once again I find myself ignoring my initial instinct and letting myself be convinced by a good story.


I feel like I’m in some movie.