By Scheer Memorial Hospital - May 4, 2015

Adventist Health International, based at LLUH, has been in contact with Dale Mole, our physician and CEO at Scheer Memorial Hospital in Banepa.  While the reports from the hospital are positive, and we are thankful that the buildings were not damaged by the earthquake, there is a growing need for orthopedic and trauma surgeons to care for the increasing volume of victims with crush injuries now coming to our hospital.

To help meet this need, LLUH is deploying an Orthopedic surgical team currently scheduled to depart late Tuesday afternoon or early Wednesday morning.  The team will be small consisting of two Orthopedic surgeons, an Anesthesiologist, an OR Scrub Tech or nurse and a logistics and support person.  Once the team arrives at our hospital, we should be able to get more frequent and accurate updates which will serve to guide our future relief efforts.  

We are staging a small shipment of needed surgical supplies that will be carried by the team to Nepal and will be releasing requests for additional equipment and supplies once they are at Scheer and can assess what is needed.  If you have professional staff willing to participate in future relief teams or have equipment and supplies available for donation please contact the Global Health Institute at Loma Linda University Health.

LLUH is also in touch with ADRA International and discussing the possibility of making some of our public health experts and other disaster support personnel available to them for deployment to Nepal.  This discussion is continuing to identify who might be needed and when they should be deployed while ADRA is in the process of distributing assistance to those in need. 

Thank you for your help and continued support to AHI and Scheer Memorial Hospital.

Nepal Earthquake Fund

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