Adventist Health International collaborates with organizations to educate and improve health at our mission hospitals around the world

LLUSS Global Health Institute Logo

Loma Linda University Health - Global Health Institute

In support of Loma Linda University Health's commitment to global outreach, the Global Health Institute (GHI) provides international service opportunities for staff, faculty and students. Volunteers serve at International Partner Sites and/or Global Campuses connected to Adventist Health International.
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Christian Academy of African Physicians (CAAP)

Loma Linda University Health has partnered with other Christian universities and hospitals in Africa and the United States to create a new program to support specialty training for physicians in family medicine, internal medicine and pediatrics in Africa.
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Seventh day Adventist Church General Conference

Seventh-day Adventist General Conference - Loma Linda Office

The General Conference (GC) coordinates the global ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, a body set up under the belief that no man should be governed by the judgment of another, and any decision should be made by an assembly. The General Conference is responsible for the spiritual and developmental plans of the church around the world.
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