By Anonymous - January 12, 2021

Ishaka Adventist Hospital Leadership

Ishaka Adventist hospital is a faith-based hospital, owned by the Seventh-day Adventist church of Uganda Union, located in western Uganda, Bushenyi district in Ishaka town. It was established in 1948 as a dispensary and became a missionary hospital in 1950.

As a way of thanking God and giving back to the community, the Hospital decided to conduct a free two-day medical camp in late December, with support from Richard Noble of Adventist Health International, USA.

On the first day, patients started coming in as early as 7:00am. They were registered on a first come first serve basis. Very sick, children and old persons were given priority. The patient goes to the Doctor/Clinical Officer for consultation, then goes to the lab, then goes back to the Doctor/ Clinical Officer for interpretation and prescription and then goes to pharmacy for drugs. On day one, too many people turned up, we asked them to go back home and return the following day. On day two, patients started coming in as early as 5:45am. The procedure was much less the same as day one.

We treated a total of 1,130 patients and and offered the following services:

  • HIV testing and counseling 
  • TB screening 
  • Family planning 
  • ANC 
  • Cervical cancer screening 
  • COVID-19 prevention education 
  • Nutrition and lifestyle health education 
  • Laboratory investigation tests like STI screening, random blood sugar, malaria testing, renal functioning tests, CBC, pregnancy tests 
  • Spiritual counseling and prayer 

The common conditions among children were respiratory and skin diseases. Among adolescent young girls 10-24, most conditions we treated were STI’s and Peptic ulcer disease. Adults 25+ the most common conditions were respiratory infections, peptic ulcer disease, eye conditions, hypertension, STI’S and neuropathies and all these conditions were managed and making referrals.

We would like to thank Richard Noble and Adventist Health International for this support. Thank you for the big heart and your kindness for the less fortunate members of the community. We also would like to thank our District Health Officer and Resident District Commissioner for allowing the free medical camp to take place. I would like to thank the Hospital team and volunteers for working really hard and showing high level commitment. The activity was demanding but also very exciting and rewarding. We generally thank God for enabling us to carry out this activity successfully.

-We Care, God Heals