By Courtney Beckwith - October 29, 2014

One hundred sixty-eight people, eight countries, 31 states, 58 undergraduate institutions, all comprise one thing: The Loma Linda University School of Medicine (LLUSM), Class of 2016.

In addition to being a massive compilation of diversity, this class still manages to have one thing in common. That is the drive to make a different in the world through mission work and helping others. With this goal in mind, they have taken the initiative to raise funds for Seventh-day Adventist Cooper Hospital, one of Adventist Health International’s hospital sites.

School of Medicine students work to raise funds for West African hospitalCooper is currently caught in the middle of the worlds largest Ebola outbreaks ever recorded but even before this, the class of 2016 felt inspired to raise money for this hospital as their class project.

The money they raise will go towards specific renovations, which includes a new operating room ramp, operating room remodeling and emergency room renovations. The total cost for this project is an estimated $40,000 

These three needs have been deemed the top priority at Cooper in terms of what can physically be done during this crisis. The project has been termed “The Liberia Project,” and will focus on these particular needs due to the fact that they are tangible and sustainable for the hospital to keep and maintain.

A new ramp to the OR will provide easier access as well as allow the hospital to service as a trauma surgery care and training area. The remodeling of OR is also essential. Right now they are functioning with only one sink, which in the midst of an Ebola crisis, is one of the worst things to be working with. A newly renovated area will provide the staff at Cooper the ability to have more cleaning spaces and will hopefully decrease the spread of disease.

School of Medicine students work to raise funds for West African hospital

The final step in this project is the ER renovation. This process will consist of building new additions to the front of the hospital, which will help the hospital to provide care to a larger number of patients. This step will also increase Cooper’s ability to become a leading trauma surgery care unit.

“Our class chose this project because it was a place we could make a tangible, long-lasting difference. By helping to renovate Cooper Hospital, we are equipping them to become a trauma surgery-training center and by facilitating education, this project and our class is making a stand for sustainability and education in a cost effective manner,” Class of 2016.


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