By Haiti Adventist Hospital - August 15, 2016

Haiti Adventist Hospital (HAH) is committed to developing our staff and making efforts to increase our critical care capacity. One of the needs of our staff was to be trained in Neonatal Resuscitation. We are grateful to Rose Charities for graciously accepting our invitation to make another trip from Canada to our hospital to provide this training. It was indeed a pleasure working with Karen Schafer and Dr. Natacha Hebert and Dr. Caroline Beaudry. They have made the training sessions lively that all participants enjoyed taking the class. As a hospital, we are committed to organizing on-going training for our staff. We plan to conduct review sessions to ensure that the information is not forgotten. The contributions of Rose Charities have also added value to HAH through the donation of textbooks and teaching tools and equipment. We are particularly happy to add French textbooks to our library. The library is open and available to our staff and the nursing and medical students we receive. In addition, I am pleased by the willingness of Rose Charities to assist us with our continuous learning strategies.

More about the NRP training 2016

Planning for this training program began in November 2015. Many emails were exchanged and video calls were made in preparation for the program. Each participant received the book/study material at the beginning of the classes and a number of students wrote the NRP exam and successfully passed. The training was conducted on March 16, 17, 18 and 21. Below is a breakdown of the number of persons who were trained.

Total persons trained: 61

Total physicians trained: 18

Total nurses trained: 43

During our classes, Nurse Mery Amazan, of St. Damien Hospital in Port au Prince, assisted with training. She was trained by Rose Charities on one of their previous visits to Haiti.

Apart from HAH, we received participants from St. Damien Hospital, Bernard Mevs, DASH (Developpement des activites de sante en Haiti), Haiti Air Ambulance, and other community pediatricians.