By Unknown - August 5, 2015

Richard (Dick) Noble, and his wife Nancy, are both deeply committed to do what they can to ameliorate poverty around the world. Their philanthropic spirit led them to become acquainted with the Adventist Church, and more specifically, its global missions work.

As they looked for connections with entities with interests that paralleled theirs, they found themselves having conversations with Adventist Health International (AHI) and its health care work within hospitals and clinics in Africa, South America and the Caribbean.

Their concerns to address existing humanitarian needs are expressed in deed and the investment of financial resources. Their frequent travels to areas of the world where AHI has health care operations has resulted in significant philanthropic support to AHI hospitals in 2015. Some of these areas include Nicaragua, Liberia, Chad and Zambia. But they were especially concerned about the work that Dr. Gillian Seton, a Loma Linda University alumnus, was doing in Monrovia, Liberia. With this interest in concern of her personal safety as well as the safety of patients, the Noble’s chose to help support the work of Dr. Seton as she treated non-Ebola patients in the midst of the world’s greatest Ebola epidemic.

AHI’s work continues to be propelled by the strong missionary spirit of many health care workers and other professionals who feel driven by a God-inspired and unrelenting service activism. Their work, however, might be short-lived without the philanthropic drive of individuals like Dick and Nancy Noble. AHI is thankful to them and the many other contributors who support the organization’s work through their continued financial support.