By Bere Nutition Center - May 9, 2016

Bere Nutition Center is primarily a program designed to assist mothers with malnourished children to restore those youngsters back to health and train mothers how to continue providing a nourishing diet for her family thus avoiding future malnourishment in other children. Below are two videos put together but Loma Linda University School of Public Health graduate and Global Service Awardee, Zach Gately while he serves in Chad as the new deputy director for AHI. 

Check out the footage below to see just a glimpse of the work that they are doing every day. 

 The future of tomorrow starts today, at Bere Nutition Center

Children who are scared, sick, tired and malnourished come to Bere Nutrition Center to be healed. Many patients take part in a mulit week program that allows them to regain their strength and health through proper nourishment and education to the parents. Watch this video to see the faces of just a few of the lives that Bere continues to touch each and every day through the support provided by organizations like AHI, Restore a child, and others.

Bere Nutition Center Success Story

Restore a child continues to work with AHI site, Bere Nutrition Center in Chad. Here is just one of the many success stories that this center is able to be a part of.

Nekarmbay Viviane was very malnourished when she first came to Bere for treatment. But three weeks later, her improvement is astounding.