By Dr. Cristy Shank - July 1, 2014

The lady's name was Grace. She was in her late 30's, admitted for recurrent TB and had been in the hospital for nearly 8 weeks. She told the chaplain (Ps Lubani) that she had been an Adventist in the past, then married a man who discouraged her going to church so she stopped attending. When she became ill, he left her.  At first she improved on treatment, then worsened despite all our medical care. 

We all knew that she was not recovering (including her) and she began to ask to be rebaptized while in the hospital. After several meetings with the chaplain, where she continued to press, we decided that she should be allowed to fulfill her wish although she was very wasted and unable to move on her own. With the help of the chaplain, she was lifted into the bathtub on the General Ward and baptized. She expressed great relief and joy.....and died about an hour later, quite peacefully.