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James and Sarah Appel

Abougoudam Adventist Hospital, Chad

Olen and Danae Netteburg

Bere Adventist Hospital, Chad


Sarah Belensky & Gabriel de Almeida e Silva

Bere Adventist Hospital, Chad



Gillian Seton

Seventh-day Adventist Cooper Hospital, Liberia 


 Wesley and Briana Arnold

Lusaka SDA Dental Clinic, Zambia

David Saunders

Blantyre Adventist Hospital, Malawi





Jonathan Portney

 Waterloo Hospital, Sierra Leone


Ryan and Sharlene Hayton 

Malamulo Hospital, Malawi

Casey and Aaron Graybill

Malamulo Hospital, Malawi 


Tim and Claire Gobble

Malamulo Hospital, Malawi


Jason and Erin Blanchard

Malamulo Hospital, Malawi 


Jasmin Turner and Ronald Walker

Kanye Adventist Hospital, Botswana


Wilson Thomas

Malamulo Hospital, Malawi 

Jonrey Avellano

Haiti Adventist Hospital, Haiti



Joel and Jennifer Mundall

Valley of the Angels Hospital, Honduras

Dale and Susen Mole

Scheer Memorial Hospital, Nepal




Jonathon and Allie Thorp

Scheer Memorial Hospital, Nepal



Greg and Kathy Saunders

Adventist Health Centre Lilongwe, Malawi








Dan Brown

AHI Construction Consultant

 Jamie and Shallena Crounse 

Family & Preventative Medicine Physician, Consultant


 Ray and Lynette Holm

AHI Finance and Nursing Consultants



 Charles Poole

AHI Construction Consultant

Tiffany and Darryl Priester

Cardiologist, Consultant

Ben Siapco

AHI Clinical Lab Consultant

Marty Zola

AHI Informations Systems Consultant









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