Community Health in Action

Working Today for a Healthier Tomorrow

At Béré Adventist Hospital, we see many instances of preventable diseases or at least preventable suffering by early detection. Common issues we see on a daily basis have to do with complications of malaria and pregnancy, contaminated drinking water, and malnutrition.

Our goal is to reduce the impact these complications have on the life of the individual and the community though education, relief, and our Community Health Volunteer network. We work especially hard to reach those who would otherwise not come to our health facility. Many times there is a grand misunderstanding on what the problem is, where it comes from, and how it is fixed. For these reasons, we work hard to educate the community at large to de-bunk the mysteries of health.

Education is at the heart of our program "Project 21: Health for Tomorrow". We facilitate large scale rural health lectures, meeting people in their own neighborhoods. These allow us to evaluate anyone interested in becoming a Community Health Volunteer, thereby creating a resource right around the corner for the community. These CHV's are trained to react accordingly to health questions, concerns, and incidences. Using these systems, we hope to have people treat issues before they get complicated or even eliminate the problem altogether.

Sometimes, we come too late: cerebral malaria, malnutrition, death at delivery, or AIDS coupled with tuberculosis are just a few examples. Through government programs, some of these things are covered. But what does a newly widowed father feed his new born child? Could it be nutritional void, parasite filled water? One program is our "Baby Milk Program" that supplies milk-less babies with a life source in exchange for a few hours of hospital grounds maintenance (done by the caregiver, not the baby!).

Currently malnutrition is also fighting us hard. The Béré Nutrition Training Center is now open for service. Here we assess children and teach parents how to properly nourish their children. Some just need a little push to get back on track whereas many need several weeks of nutritional supplements to their diet. It's been amazing to see the miracles happen in these young lives.

All these projects take outside funding, not generated by the the hospital. If you would like to donate to one specifically, please label your donation either "Community Health in Action", "Project 21", "Baby Milk", or "Nutrition Center."

Thank you for your continued support and please check back soon for updates!